3 C’s of Storytelling

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Everyone has their own unique storytelling voice. But luckily, storytelling is a skill set, which means that it can be learned, practiced & eventually mastered. Many people follow this basic framework, when designing their own stories.

Character - Is the being that your story involves. A character can be a human (Titanic), animal (Lion King), a ghost (Casper)etc.

Conflict - The main reason you are creating a story is for the tension. External conflict - is the obvious barrier in the way. It could be a physical condition (an illness), environmental (a storm), financial (loss of a job), or situational (political opposition).Internal conflict - is what is going on inside the main character ... the thoughts and feelings around the situation

.➳ Conquest - The last element is resolution and lessons learned.You don’t have to copy someone else voice, but it never hurts to learn some basic storytelling frameworks.

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